It's one thing to create content, and another to create content that fulfills the user's needs. Creating valuable content that people are searching for is a key part of search engine optimization. As a leading SEO services in Dubai, we know how important it is to create well-researched content that matches the SERP intent and signals to the bots that you have answered the queries people are searching for.

So, how do you create such content that perfectly answers all the user queries? And even before that, how do you understand the SERP intent to be in a better position to create useful content?

This is what we are going to discuss in this post. So let’s not make you wait further and understand how we can comprehend the SERP intent, create a content development strategy, and beat the competition by creating superior content.

How to Do SERP Analysis & Create Content That Outranks Competitors?

The SERP analysis process is divided into the following steps:

1. Keyword Research

For accurate SERP analysis, you must have your target keywords in mind. You can use any credible tool for keyword research and do competitor analysis. 

During this research, you will learn what websites are ranked against the queries you want to target in your SEO campaign.

2. User Intent

And once you have researched the potential keywords to be pursued in your content marketing strategy, you must understand the intent behind each.

Every keyword has a different user intent; sometimes a user only needs particular information while sometimes a user is in the buying mode. 

Segment the informational and commercial keywords for which you can prepare content and use the relevant keywords wherever possible.

3. Watch Out for Multiple User Intent

Have you ever come across a query or long-tail keyword whose intent wasn’t cleared? Or maybe you checked on the SERP and even Google looked confused regarding what results to show, informational or commercial, ?

For example, the query “Fixing a damaged tire” is a bit ambiguous. How would you determine if the user is looking for a tire repair shop nearby or wants to read a blog post to repair a tire by himself?

The general rule of thumb is to consider the top results. For example, if the top results are business listings, you too should optimize your business listing for this query. And if the top results are blog posts, this query has the potential to generate decent traffic for your website.

4. Understand the SERP’s Behavior

Sometimes you expect the SERP to show articles against a search query, but it turns out most results are YouTube videos. 

That’s because Google thinks—-and maybe users too—that a video would provide a more clear answer and understanding of the topic than an article.

Nailing this aspect of the SERP is another key skill. If you know what kind of content to create to get to the top of the SERP, you will spend your time and resources in the right direction.

5. Do Competitor Analysis

Now that you have selected a few keywords, both informational and commercial queries, and understood the SERP’s behavior against each of those, it’s time to do a competitor analysis.

Competitor analysis is an important part of the search engine optimization process. During this phase you look at the competitor’s ranked content, the number of websites giving a link to their website(backlinks), domain authority, and the industry topics they have covered in their blog section.

6. Find Content Gap

Finding untapped content opportunities can be really tricky. More often than not, you have to write on similar topics your competitors have covered but from a different angle. Digital marketing services spend days finding content gaps and devising content ideas to cover them.

During this phase, you will find out who your competitors are against every query you want to target. (We recommend preparing an excel sheet to streamline the process).

After analyzing their content, you will be in a better position to decide how you can outrank them. Maybe your competitors haven’t updated their content for a while, or maybe the content is full of jargon that an ordinary reader can’t understand.

And in some cases, the same information a blog post covers in 3000 words can be covered in short infographics. So it’s all about delivering value in a way that you outclass all your competitors’ content.

7. Create Unique Content From Scratch & Fill in the Vacuum Your Competitors 

Content production is the backbone of an SEO strategy. To create professional content from scratch, content that reflects your expertise in a particular industry, you must hire skilled writers. If you can’t find any, pay a digital marketing service or an SEO agency in Dubai to take care of the content.

Google’s algorithm is quite intelligent and can distinguish content created from scratch and content rephrased from one of the competitor’s blogs. So be very careful.

The following practices will help you create superior-quality content and beat the SERP competition:

  • Write shorter sentences.
  • Don’t drag; if a certain query can be answered in 50 words, don’t stretch it to 100 for the sake of achieving a higher word count.
  • Understand the intent behind each query and answer accordingly.
  • Quote the latest studies and statistics to sound credible.
  • Avoid jargon when writing for an unaware or non-native audience.

8. Keep Optimizing & Updating Your Content

The only way to remain on top of the SERP is to research, analyze, and constantly improve your content. The higher the competition in your niche the more likely someone will get ahead of you by preparing higher-quality content.

See how you can improve your existing content. Add new content to boost the credibility of your website and answer new, untapped user queries. If a certain post doesn’t add value to your traffic and engagement, see how you can improve it.

Final Word

Beating the SERP competition isn’t a piece of cake. You need time and resources to execute your strategy. Constantly improving and optimizing content requires thorough planning and flawless execution.

If you haven’t got an in-house team of writers and digital marketers to optimize your website and create content on your behalf, hand over all the content development and search engine optimization tasks to the best SEO services Dubai.